A Soul Entombed In Darkness

Last night I closed my eyes, I could feel my Soul leave my body.

My Spirit removed the boulder which guarded and secured the tomb which consumed it.

No longer do the dark grey clouds obscure the Sun.

I could finally see. Ignorance and matter no longer clouded my vision or my judgement.

I could see beyond physical substance, I could see the shadow of the World.

Even though my eyes were closed, in actuality they were open.

I was finally free from the material prison which for many years had attempted to deteriorate the very existence and essence of my Soul.

The material World forgot how strong and resilient my spirit is.

My Soul refuses to decay with the body which hosts it. My Soul is not a tooth.

My Soul is proof of the existence of God, a river unpolluted and clean.

My Soul cannot be bought for a bargain or a wagon of wealth.

My Soul isn’t for sale, it will never be sold. It is one thing the Devil will never hold.

Have I been rewarded for my loyalty? So many times I resisted the temptation of lust and greed.

Have I graduated to the next level? Have I been initiated into the mysteries of life?

Has truth presented itself to me in its true form? Oh truth where have you been hiding?

Has the wisdom and knowledge that was sequestered in the dungeons of the World escaped and found me its true seeker?

Has hate evaporated and been replaced by eternal joy and love?

It seems clear to me; Heaven is been depicted by the God who hides in the cave of darkness.

But this seemed too real to me. Was this a taste of what was to come?

Was this reality waiting for me? Was this the next phase after receiving a certificate?

Was this just a fantasy or a dream? I best pinch myself to see if this is real.

I pinched myself and opened my eyes to see if this was real.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. My mind deceived both my heart and soul.

My Soul returned to its host, consumed and tombed in darkness again.
Written by: Perspicacious Outcast ( John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Wednesday 15th February 2017

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