Royal Banquet 

The elders gathered for the feast, a royal banquet,

Surrounded by serene souls full of warmth like a winter blanket,

Kings and Queens of sagacity, the enlightened ones,

Adorned with golden crowns symbolising the shining Sun,

Beings of divine quality and regality, God’s daughters and sons,

Breathing the air of the Gods, enhancing the power of one’s heart and lungs,

Music is playing, the harp of the Angels accompanied with poetry, the night is still young,

Knights and barons are enthralled by the words that jump off a poet’s tongue,

A knight has a sword, a poet has a pen gun both face their problems and never run,

Lights brings love, two lovers entwined, two souls conjoined into one,

Like flowers in bloom, dependent on water and light from the Sun,

Warriors with words and paintings, equipped with creative swords and guns,

The creative ones igniting a creative spark, the light in the dark, a new age has begun,

A universal party, people are eating food, getting drunk and having fun,

Drinking the finest wine out of beautifully engraved glistening golden goblets,

The blood of the divine is precious especially the very last droplet,

Voices grow louder, large foaming tankards of the best ale,

Are downed in a heartbeat by the heavy drinkers without fail,

The hosts have provided a bountiful supply of fresh food and drink,

The plump roast hog at the oversized table took some time to shrink,

There is still food left in abundance, the leftovers will go to the fire breathing red dragon,

Distant relatives drinking out of flagons did not travel in cars or wagons,

Distant relatives travelled in flying chariots and spaceships, they journeyed far,

To come and visit their cosmic friends and family in a medieval castle on Mars.
Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 3rd November 2016
Image found on google.


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