Paving The Path Way Towards Perfection

I’m old and original like the Gods from Sumer,

I grew from an early age, I was an early bloomer,

I could see that the World is a shop, we are its consumers,

I refuse to buy a lie and stare into the eyes of Medusa,

My brain expands like a population and generation of baby boomers,

The World is tragic, but I still manage to keep my sense of humour,

I don’t listen to gossip or rumours,

I remove negativity from my brain like a malignant tumour,

I’m a surgeon, a philosophical and perspicacious person,

I’m a virgin to evil, I’m alert like an eagle, I’m urging…

People to stop the evil that is lurking,

What we are doing at the moment isn’t working,

I’m searching for peace and love, criminals need purging,

The World is dying, she used to be green like a gherkin,

Philosophical minds are attempting to save her from destruction,

But we can’t control nature or her violent volcanic eruptions,

I focus on my own self improvement, I hate interruptions,

And distractions, I avoid large crowds, I oppose greed and corruption,

I’m yearning for the truth, this candle is burning,

My hands are turning pages listening to sages I am learning,

Students and teachers gather, my ears now belong to my tutor,

Until I become a tutor teaching hungry, starving students in the future,

Patience is a virtue, but my wisdom could have come sooner,

It was well worth the wait, now I think and move fast like a Puma,

I collect information, my brain contains more data than a computer,

I’m infinite and universal, I’m stellar, solar and Luna,

I’m adventurous and eternal, escaping from the clutches of the dead,

Life is a chess game, I’m always three moves ahead,

I’m a mixture of every God and every Goddess, I’m well fed,

I’m a mixture of the sweat, blood and tears each of them shed,

I’m a reflection of the Gods, I never suffered their rejection,

The Gods above showed me love and affection,

The Stars above guide me in the right direction,

I stand tall like an erection, but I don’t need protection,

My words tell a story like the scar on my midsection,

And my poems are paving the pathway towards perfection.




Written by: Perspicacious Outcast (John Paul Harrington)

Originally Written: Thursday 10th August 2017

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