Origins Of Evil (Pandora’s Box)

Are Human Beings schizophrenic and mentally ill? Everyday men butcher and kill, We should deplore violence, but it thrills… Us like a movie as we sit back and chill, Watching the whole World fall apart, My sulking soul cries alone in the dark, Murder and chaos are two arrows to my Human heart, Researching the […]

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House Hunting

I’m twenty five years old and still I’m living at home, With my mother, at least I’m not alone, It’s an everyday struggle, I can’t do this on my own, Things are not set in stone, I see my job as a stepping stone, To bigger and better things, Will I climb the stairway and […]

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Should I listen to my heart? Or Should I listen to my head instead? Both are arguing over things each of them said, My head doesn’t listen to my heart and my heart doesn’t listen to my head, My Soul is stuck sandwiched between the two, it still hasn’t fled, My eyes are blood shot […]

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Will Love Finally Conquer Fear?

Everyday the sun sets and the sun rises, Each day is a gift full of surprises, The World is full of variety and diversity, one realises… That love comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes, And love also comes with bullets and tissues, Honestly sweetheart we have both got issues, I wish you…were here […]

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My Super Lady

Two lovers entwined, souls combined, stuck together with super glue, Super you rescued me from the monsters of loneliness and from the Devil too, We may be getting old, but this Love is still brand new, Darling Angel I cannot live without you, That statement is as true as the summer sky is blue, You […]

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I climb the ladder to success, now higher than a mountain I morph into the clouds. Floating on a magic carpet like Aladdin, enjoying the moment, I defeated my opponents and I finally made it. But as they say nothing lasts forever, we think our memories are immortalised in time, but what if the universal […]

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Dark Clouds (Sinking)

The dark clouds of depression block out the shining sun, There are no smiles and no rays of hope for the lonely ones, The refulgent light of our fire star is struggling to shine through, The Sun isn’t shining down on me, Is it shining down on you? My head is heavy and dark, I […]

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