The New World

We left the Old World, in pursuit of a New World. Sick and tired of starvation and famine, burning buildings and dying children a few of us decided to search for a better life. Prosperity for the Soul. A glimmer of hope remained inside the brains of the visionaries. We vigorously and rigorously scoured every […]

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Twenty Six Candles

  Light twenty six candles, it’s my birthday, 9,497 days have passed since my first day… On this Earth, they saw me arrive into this World on a Thursday, What a journey,Was I a blessing or a curse? Hey was I worthy? What did Mother Earth say? As soon as I took one breath, I […]

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The Swords We Wave

Mother Earth gave birth to deadly demons of destruction, A Mother’s curse, the breeding ground of conspiracy and corruption, Where Spirits are traded in for material goods, We sold our Souls to the Devil and then he poisoned our blood, Love is metallic, bounded by shackles and chains, Above us there is a Heaven, but […]

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In The Arms Of A Star

Today it is Valentine’s Day, I’m at work turning grey, Busting my ass for minimum wage, Like a prisoner locked up inside of a cage, A stranger to daylight, Frustrated because the job doesn’t pay right, Still I am focused, working hard, Meanwhile my lady is at home reading her card, I hope she likes […]

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Love Of My Life

Life without you is like the World without the land and the Seven Seas, Or the World without trees, birds and bees, things that put my mind at ease, Violets and red roses are scattered on our bed, Everywhere, romance isn’t dead, just use your heart, soul and head,   Opposites attract, odd and even, […]

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Recipe For War

Is religion a recipe for War? Do the ingredients feed the rich and steal from the poor? As people kill in the name of the Gods they love and adore, Leaving a trail of chaos and destruction, blood and gore, Are Human Beings Evil and rotten to the core? Mother Earth is a Goddess, yet […]

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If I Ruled The World…

  If I ruled the World, I’d be a lonely man, An ant at the top of the ant hill, alone I would stand, With the whole World in the palm of my hands, Conqueror of sea and land, a man without a universal plan, I’d be unable to control the sands of time, I’d […]

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