Steps Of Time

  Everyday my eyes stare at old photographs, It’s like my mind is glued onto a table from the past, My feet are static, I’m unable to move, If I can’t move forward then how can I improve? I am married to this poetry, I made a vow, A promise which cannot be broken, sacred […]

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Freddy is not just my teddy bear, He is my best buddy, we are the perfect pair, We share memories together, our bond is rare, We have been together everywhere, He still feels good despite the wear and tear, And through the hard times he shows me that he cares, He was there when I […]

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The Chief

  I’m like a flame when I write, Watch me warm your hearts as I ignite, Man I’m shining so bright, It’s like I stole the Sun’s light, Call me the supreme Star thief, Falling like an autumn leaf, On my last day as life is short and brief, Right now, I’m alive forget the […]

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13th Of November

  I will always remember the sixth of December, You laid in your death bed surrounded by family members, The burning embers of your heart died out, your spirit flew away, Friday the 13th of November was the build up to that dreadful day,   Addictions never end well like swimming with blood thirsty sharks, […]

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Our First House

This bird flew away from his Mother’s nest, And found a place of his own, A place where he can lay down and rest, A place to live, a place to call home,   My partner and I just acquired our first house, Nervous, adapting to new surroundings, Bedding in, quiet like a church mouse, […]

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Gods Of Literature 

Winged Wordsmiths are inspired by flight, Every word I write, like a flock of birds flies towards the light, The Gods of literature shine bright, To be one of them, one cannot fear heights, The Gods gifted me with Wisdom and insight, And gave me the ability to write, In return I never give up, […]

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Angel Wings (Father Part VI)

  Day by day I’m getting smarter, But my days are getting harder, And my nights are getting darker, It’s hard to live life without my Father, I’d rather not, I fear for the future, I’m haunted by the past, Answer me God; How Long will this pain last? These days I find it hard […]

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