These Many Paths

I used to dream a lot, now I can’t sleep, nightmares make make me panic, Wake up sweating in the middle of the night, feeling frantic, God damn it, Flick through the dictionary, the definition of Poet I am it, My creation; Did my parents plan it? 1992 my first year on this Planet, I […]

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Social Media

Stuck in the tangled weaved web of the internet, You are a fly, the spider isn’t ready to eat you yet, You are friends with people online that you have never met, Will they be there to comfort you when you feel upset? Or Are these people you have yet to meet a dangerous threat? […]

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I’m depressed and still in mourning, I struggle to fall asleep, I’m wide awake at four in the morning, At the crack of dawn and… When I finally do fall asleep I struggle to wake up before eleven in the morning, I’m too busy dreaming and snoring, My dreams are exciting and reality is boring, […]

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Manly Palmer Hall

We all started off primitive and small, Before we could walk we had to crawl, Before we could talk we had to listen to the call, Over time Truth, Love and Wisdom gave me the strength to stand tall, Without these three things in my life I would fall, These three things are not always […]

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  As I walk through the cemetery I talk to the dead, Because only ghosts can understand the thoughts inside my head, No man alive knows my soul, I’m twenty five years old and I’ve lost control, I’ve lost touch with reality, I’m just another casualty of tragedy, The thought of me dying young haunts […]

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One went from deep thinking, To feet sinking… In quick sand, A dealer out to make a quick grand, Fulfilling his dreams, getting richer, But failing to see the bigger picture, One may think they have hit the jack pot, In the most popular crack spot, But with more money comes more problems, As the […]

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Appreciate Your Life

  Watch your step, there is broken glass on the floor, A man has bruised his hands, he’s knocking on Heaven’s door, He’s been knocking for so long, but God refuses to answer, Appreciate your Life, some children are dying because of cancer, So put down that razor blade, put down that gun, put down […]

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