I don’t sleep anymore as my dreams are dead, I’m an insomniac with crazy thoughts living inside my head, My eyes are sore and bloodshot red, I’ve been up all night wide awake inside my bed, Figuring out where I am heading in life, I’m letting down my family and my future wife, The […]

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My Crumbling World

Yesterday I was invincible, there was no stopping me, But tomorrow the entire World will topple down on top of me, I lived my life trying to make friends, but I only made enemies, Now I’ll have nothing left except maybe one memory, But even that’s not guaranteed, the Gods who lead… Have been cursed […]

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Method To My Madness

There is a method to my madness, Tragedy, heartbreak, misery and sadness, Is happiness just a shadow waiting for me? Deep in the depths of eternity,     Big black clouds hover over a bard writing in the courtyard, I move inside as the rain hits hard, sheltered by words, poetry is my guard, In […]

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Closed Curtains

  Old photographs in picture frames hang lopsided on the wall, An old man lives alone with his shadow, he feels nothing at all, He lost the people he once called company as he treated them like enemies, He’s haunted by his guilt, his regrets and his childhood memories, His selfishness and stubbornness built the […]

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True Love Never Dies

I’m shy like the guy who turns crimson red when he walks by, Grown cautious of blushing, afraid to say hi, To the dazzling, enthralling and resplendent girl with gorgeous green eyes, A transcendent being, it’s like she came from the sky, Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, don’t lose the prize, If you […]

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Writer’s Block

Recently I’ve hit writer’s block, I’ve lost my creative spark, It’s tearing me apart, my heart is sinking, my head is overthinking in the dark, I no longer feel whole, I feel like I’ve lost my Soul and now I’ve lost control, I can’t fulfil my goals and fill the empty hole, the creative process […]

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